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it is equivalent to buy the city's stock

it is equivalent to buy the city's stock

Landlord, charter woman, cheap mcm backpack is not shameful restauranteurs. On the contrary, without them rented a house, those who could not afford to buy a house would have no place to rest in the big cities and cities would not be their cities.
Landlords and tenants, not the relationship between exploitation and exploitation, but who can not do without the partners. The landlord is someone who helps the poor to settle in the city, though they are only intended to make money. Not to promote rent and sale simultaneously do? The role of the landlord is extremely important.
Sell ??extra house - you should not listen to Cao Dewang's words, the key to see your house, is really superfluous, you have to figure out the extra standards.
Another point to be clear is that the house is not just reinforced concrete, these things are not scarcity, not appreciation, fake mcm bag but the house was built on land, the scarcity of land in big cities, the more scarce the more the core area, the more valuable the house .
Buy a city house, it is equivalent to buy the city's stock. As long as the city has a future and the economy of the city is growing, the house will appreciate. In turn, the same, the fake mcm belt city does not work, the population does not increase, the economy is not good, how prices speculation, it can not speculation.
Prices will rise, in addition to many people want to live, in addition to the city has a future, there is another important factor is that inflation.
Money like water and excess money theoretically will permeate every corner of society; but money is more like honey, there is a process of infiltration and melting, some places may get a big lump, and some places may only get a little bit.

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